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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 16, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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10 of their plants emitt wrero emission and takes chance for being environmental friendly. >> that's it for the cost of freedom. thanks for joining us and all of you have a great weekend. >> debt impasse and congress is working on two plann to raise america's debt ceiling. we'll talk to the republican chaffiz who calls one of those plans stupid and democrat garamendi. and we'll look back at one of the last men to walk on the moon . what is next for nasa after the final shuttle mission . casey anthony will walk out of jail tomorrow. but she now faces a civil suit. we'll have a live report from orlando. we'll have that and a dream date for the u.s. military
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member this time justin timberlake. i am uma, america's news headquarters starts right now. >> hello, everyone. well, debt talks at a stand still. president obama is taking the appeal to the american people. neither republicans or demdeps are blameless but they need to comto a compromise. but republicans are not at ing silent insisting they hikes. molly is live with more. >>reporter: there doesn't seem to be a lot of middle ground here at least not in what is emerging. president obama is taking the message trait to the public today. in the weekly radio and internet address saying we are all in this together and everyone has to play their part and share the sacrifice to reduce the deficit. the president is insisting that tax hikes need to be in a
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final deal as well as cuts to federal pending and reforms to entitlement programs like social security and medical care. >> the trug the is, you don't solve the deficit without cutting spending but you can't solve it without asking the wementiest americans to pay their share and tax breaks that middle class americans doesn't get. john boehner said he doesn't have the votes. gop wants cuts in federal spending to match the increase in the debt ceiling. the president is not putting any kind of proposal to win congressional support. >> president obama and democratic allies in congress refuse to come up with a legitimate plan to confront the spending that left our country over 14 trillion in debt.
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he refuses to and pushing job killing tax hikings. we have been down the road before and republicans will not go down it again. >> senate and house republicans tend to push next week for a balanced budget amendment to requires the federal government to cap speppeding and balance books and higher thres hold of votes needed to raise taxes. >> molly, thank you. gop congressman called senator mcconnell back up debt plan stupid. congressman will tell us more about his plan. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> you are the main force behind the cut and balance legislation that will be brought up in the house with members voting on whether to pass it before raising the debt limit. it couldn't pass the senate and would be veted by the president? >> no, no. we can't go to the lowest
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common denominator. we can't get to where we need to unless we try. cut 111 billion and that is doable and cap the amount of spending as a percentage of growth domestec product and offer a balanced budget amendment to the state. if we can do that and say lookk, mr. president, you are no longer going to spend money we don't have, that we are going to move forward a balanced budget amendment over the course of time. we'll take the shared sacrifice and no one in the republican side of the aisle want to raise the debt ceiling. we have to solve the underlying problem which is the fact that we are spending money we don't have. >> cut cap and balance there is no tax hikes? >> no tax hikes, we don't want tax hikes. we need more taxpayers and not more taxes. in order to get more taxpayer to grow the revenue in this country and get people in
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their jobs back we need stability in the market place and a government that lives in its means. that's what cut, cap and balance means. contact your congressman and said you have to vote for this on tuesday. that's when the vote comes down. >> what do you say that republicans only care about the millionaires and billionaires and seniors for example will be left in the dust if we don't raise taxes rightt now? >> no, that is not true. the legislation is specific. there are no immediate cuts to social security, veterans benefits or medicare, and none of that is in this bill. what it said, we'll cap over all spend congress will make tough decision about defense spend those types of things. the problem is, these decisions are punted time and time and time again . matter of routine raise the debt ceil that's why we are trying to keep it in the range of 16 trillion of debt. that's the problem.
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>> earlier this week, you tweeted that senator mitch mcconnell's plan to deal with the debt crisis is stupid. where can were you so upset and other gop members share your frustration with leadership in congress . >> i have greatest respect for senator mcconnel but the idea. it is stupid. that's why i call today stupid. the idea to punt it over to the president. don't allow members to take a tough vote and put it all on the president. no. the house and congress and is a co-qual branch much government. and the problem is, people so called adults in the room have been there too long and that's why we are in the problem. i didn't create the mess but i am here to cleann it up. cut cap and balance will do that . i want to hear the president and democrats to argue why they don't want to balance the budget. it is the only plan out there and has 218 votes and we need
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to get behind this and vote. >> you are putting everyone on notice with the vote you expect to happen next week. >> does anybody else have a plan? >> the president doesn't have a plan. that's one of the frustrations . we are getting to the deadline. the only plan is cut, cap and balance. if you have a plan submit it. mr. president show us a plan. he doesn't have a plan. >> i got it. lot was talk in yourr state about possible plans to take on senator orin hatch and seems he's gearing up for a fight. lin. >> i don't care if i am most hated person in washington d.c.. i will give everything i have to do it and i intend to do that and i have support all over the country in spite of notable and obnocious people. >> polls show he may be vulnerable. are you going to run against
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him? >> that's a maybe at this point. i am leaning toward it and i think we need clean and freshh and new ideas. we appreciate the service senator hatch has begin in the united states senate. but 42 years in the senate and living in that bubble. that is a bit much and i frankly disagree on a host of the issues. 26 times, 26 times, senator hatch has voted or allowed for the debt ceiling to be increased. we are trying to keep the debt down and yet 26 times had chance to vote no on raising the debt ceiling it is those types of thing that is are frustrating and a lot of you want to see a change. >> are you making the announcement any time. >> not yet and not here on the program, uma. we are going to kick something off at some point but more when it is football season. >> we'll hang in there with you. >> let us know what you do.
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>> thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> california's bracing for car-magedion . a 10 mile stretch of the la 405 freeway is closed. crews are removing the bridgas part of a road widening project. it is expected to last 53 hours and drivers are warned to stay away. so far, so good. >> casey anthony will be freeway from jail in 23 hours but much of the public is resentment of her acquittal. casey, stegal has more from orhando. >> casey? >> good to see you. specifics was her release tomorrow are not made public for obvious. there is great concern about the safety of casey anthony.
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a recent gall up poll shows that two-thirds of the americans disagreed with a not guilty verdict and that outraged a lot of people. here's what we know will go down. three journalist are selected to witness and document her release tomorrow . a video news photographer and a still photographer and a reporter with the associated press. but here's the deal. they will be sequestered in the hours until casey anthony walks out of the jail . that means no blackberries or iphone or internet acess . the exact time of the release is not publicize we will not see it happen live. this is obviously to avoid people chasing her down on the road and following her because no one knows where the 25 year old is headed next. there are a lot of rumors swirling around that she may go to new york or golive with an aunt in texas.
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her primary defense attorney jose baez and mason have stopped by. they have not spoke tone reporters while coming or going but assume they are giving her advice and carefully orchestring the release tomorrow to keep her out of harm's way. in the meantime. remember a jury found her guilty of four counts of misleading member was law enforcement and we learned that casey anthony is appealing those four counts. so it is really thrown fuel on the fire so to speak . as i said a number of those people are outraged and protest are planned here in the jail starting this afternoon and tomorrow protesting her release. uma? >> thank you very much for the update>> top news corp executive resigned. les hinton stepped down as
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head of the dow jones gition. he was in charge of four british newspapers had including news of the world when it took place. it comes after rebecca brooks announced her resignation. she was editor of news the world. rupert murdoch apologized for serious wrongdoing in a full page ad. news international is owned by news corp. a parent company much fox news we have serious heat advisories. meteorologist maymariah molina has more. >> good to see you. we have a heat wave in transmittal portions of the u.s.. i want to point out. we have a new storm system arrive negligent pacific northwest and bringing cooler in seattle. today's high only 68 degrees.
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heading east bound and highs in the 90s from rapid city to minneapolis and across portions of texas. dallas triple at 100 degrees . factor in the humidity and that's what we are talking about dangerous heat. there is a number of warnings stretching from north dakota and missouri and portions of congress congress and oklahoma. it is dangerous conditions with heat index up to 115 degrees. you need to take precautions and say hydrate lighter clothing and lighter colored clothing as well. temperatures will continue to heat up. we are talking about 99 in rapid city and nen in miles per hour and again triple damage heat for dallas texas . conditions will remain generally dry in central portions of the u.s.. that's why we are seeing the heat wave with a big ridge of high pressure.
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southeast will see showers and thorps and gulf coast where we need it. >> maria, thank you very much. >> president obama just meeting with the dali llama in the white house that. visit outraged china which accused the spiritual leader of trying to get tibetian independence. they called for the preservation of the tibetian culture. >> president obama making a special call to the pace station. as atlantis mission draws to a close people are asking what is next. you will learn more after the break. stay with us . >> this is president obama, whom am i talking to. >> hello, mr. president. you are talk toth crew of the space shuttle atlantis. >> that is funny. i was dialing out per piz a.
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>> it was an early morning blast off this time without humans on board. the air force cent the rocket in space carrying satellite. rocket launch was delayed two days due to weather complications. prior to launch. good morning atlantis. this is beyonce. so how about that? that was grammy-winning singer beyonce waking up the atlantis crew this morning with the shuttle returning to earth on
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thursday. what happens to human space flight in the future? joining us to share his thoughts. harrison smith and senator and astronaut and one of the last american to step on the moon. >> great to be here and beautiful day in mew nex. we have forest left and so we can't complainn. >> there you go. coming close to an end of an era with the shuttle program, what are yourr thoughts? >> well, we have been in the era's before and i think human pace flight will continue, the question is how much participation will americans have and how long? we are on a dead end course right now with human space flight by americans and for america. we are in debt because the space station only has another 10 years or so, we'll see .
9:20 am
now dependent with the atlantis flight ending on thursday, we will be totally dependent on paying the russians about 63 million a flight or seat to get americans to the space station. >> that must be so frustrating for you knowing that you know, you are one of the true american pioneers and heroes. one of those elite few who have gone to the moon and america was all, and america and the spirit of moving forward in a positive way. do you see this situation now as one of retreat? >> well, it certainly has been over the last few years. i don't think it will continue. i think the next president of the united states will be faced with the reality of china having an aggressive move to be the dominant space power and space-bearing power
9:21 am
. it is a issue of national security and common defense anditutionally . i don't see how the next president can ignore this extremely important geo political role that our space activities play. >> president obama is hope thag private companies take the lead to get human in space. there are ricks because so many people are racing to be the first to get people up there. what are your concerns? i think private companies have been the back bone of the space program right from the beginning. they have been contractors to nasa and the defense department in order to provide the kind of technology and capability operationally and manufacturing. to make our space program possible. there is a belief and i think a mistaken belief right now that buy calling it commercial that it is different somehow
9:22 am
in the contracting procedure. what is proposed by the obama administration and that is have private contractor provide the capability to put human and americans in space is just another form of contracting . the question is what is that cost going to be? we don't know that. i don't think it will be much different than it has been in the past. it is very, very important that the country itself be in control of that. it doesn't mean that there is not a roll for private investors financed by private investors in pace. i wrote a book on the energy sources of the moon. but there is a national policy issue here and it is ignored by the obama administration . >> it is great to have you share your thoughtots anniversary. we appreciate it and wish you all of the best. >> thank you and don't forget july 20th was the first landog
9:23 am
the moon. >> absolutely. thank you. >> turning to 2012 politicings-- politic,ish michelle bachmann's new campaign financing numbers are announced. 4.2 million. that was transferred from a congressional campaign. that is several of her rivals made in two mongs of fund raising. >> sarah palin is coy about a possible white house run featured on the cover of "newsweek". palin talked to the magazine about her chances if she were to decide to take the plunge. i am not so egoivitiical that it has to be me or only me to turn things around. but i do believe that i can
9:24 am
win. herman cain is picking up steam. a new gall up poll shows that 48 percent of the republicans and republican independents now know who cain is. he trails behind front runner mitt romney in the latest fox news poll. he is more than 10 behind. tune in on fox news sunday to hear cain's take and campaign his campaign has stalled. school officials in georgia are assuring parents that no teacher or principal named in a cheating scandal will be able to return to the work in the fall. half of the atlanta schools condoned teachers who erased wrong answers and allowed children to cheat. they were allowed to advance. >> and math lay -- massive lay
9:25 am
offs here in washington d.c. where a performance evaluation system remains under scutiny. >> dc's teach are force shrunk by five percent. 206 teachers were among the 413 public school employees that were fired. some were not licensed and some never found new jobs. 288, of them were laid off because of poor performance. when michelle reed was chancellor. she started a rating called impact based on students scores and five different half hour long classroom to give teachers a chance to show their stuff. this is a fair system that gives teachers plenty of chances to impress the bosses. >> impact is allowing us to do what we set out to do. recognize and award our highest performers and support and develop people who are trugling and move out low
9:26 am
performers. >> some teachers are crying foul. they don't think it is fair at all and here's why. >> impacts, as an evaluation system is biased and most if not all evaluation systems run by other human beings are proving to be biased. >> not all bad for dc teachers. 663 teachers 16 percent of the force recall highly effective by the impact system that means they will be eligible for 25,000 in bonuses. >> peter, thank you. and here is an american hero that blessed with a miracle. hear his story next. >> jt is heading to emcee. the singer who brought sexy back is stepping up for it is u.s. military. >> i will call you out and ask you to come race with me in
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white house and congress still haven't reached a deal. president obama took his case to the american people. peter doocy has more on today's top story. >>reporter: you are right. president obama is touting his debt plan including spending cut tax increases and the president said the wealthiest people must pay their fair share. or rin hatch argued for tax increases and called for a balanced budget amendment. >> one of the nation's biggest freeways is getting a make over so the crews can get a billion dollar expansion
9:31 am
project . it is so far . no signs of jams. one motorist called the project karma heaven. >> zanela gonzalez is suing casey anthony saying her reputation was harmed when casey anthony lied. she was acquitted of murdering caylee and released tomorrow. >> final installment in the harry potter series will break the sales record earning 191 million in a day. box office are expected to hit all-time high. >> 92 million and quite a record there. not bad at all. >> could your social security be on the chopping block? nancy pelosi said everything should be on the table in the debt talks. but one lawmaker said those
9:32 am
who think about touching social security will have a fight on their hands. joining us live. we appreciate it and thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> talk about social security. is it your belief that social security will go on the chopping block if the congress has its way with cuts? >> certainly if the proposals that the republican put before the congress this cumming week. cut, slash and burn. they call it cut and balance proposal. it will have to go after social security and many of us are opposed to it. social security is not part of the current budget deficit at all. in fact, it adds money to the federal treasury because it is running a surplus. out in the future 10 years or beyond social security will have to be dealt with. it is not part of the today's problem.
9:33 am
medicare is a part of the problem because it is part of the overall health and inflation that every american faces with . so for medicare, you have to deal with the underlying cost of the health care. this proposal that the republicans are putting forth is a disaster for america. the previous amendment of congress our colleague from utah didn't bother to say the cap was 18 percent of the gdp which we have not had since 1965. that takes us back to 1965 relative budget. that means medicare is gone and medicaid is significantly reduced and the defense budget that doubled in the last seven years would have to be slashed in half it is totally ridiculous and a disaster for
9:34 am
america. the space program is terminated and cannot be in the budget if that cap is in the constitution . so we can't go there. social security company comes from a special trust fund that can be tapped in order to avert a crisis. >> there is no social security crisis. in the future of 10 or 12 years fromm now. then the social security money that is raised through the pay roll tax will be less than the outgo. but right now there is a surplus. the social security program actually had a surplaus and that surplus is used to help finance the federal budget . the cash flow help to finance the federal budget . now so understand social security is not today's problem . it is certainly ought not be part of the budget negotiations. we don't need to go there and
9:35 am
medicare. medicare is crucial to seniors. before there was medicare, seniors, 40 percent of the seniors in america had no insurance and they were the most impoverished part of the american population . over the years as medicare came in. poverty among seniors has significantly dropped and so the thought of the going out and slashing medicare is going right after seniors and going to force them to pay more and this was part of the republican budget that passed our house and force seniors to pay 6,000 or 7000 a year more for the health care and everybody under the age of 55 would be unable to get medicare. it is terminated for those people and doesn't exist. they will be given a voucher . >> let me ask you about this. gop contends that the president is refusing to put spectaculars on the table when it come to cuts and his
9:36 am
refusal to put obama carrot table as well is what is holding up any time of resolution in terps of getting compromise together. what do you say about that? >> it is not true . the president it today in his address and in press conferences and negotiations has clearly put a program on the table. four trillion dollar grant program that would really deal with the deficit. republican programs don't deal with and backed away. the president said we need revenue . the revenue can come from those who have extraordinary wealth, comes from business tax breaks and make no sense and why in the world we continue to give billions a year of our tax money to the oil monies in addition to the rip off at the pump i don't understand. why should those business subidies continue to ship
9:37 am
american jobs off shore. those need to be terminated. there is a half trillion dollars, a half trillion dollars . and budget, expenditures on the tax side that we should take back from the businesses and from the super wealthy and hedge fund folks that make a billion or more a year are paying less than 15 percent on the income while the rest of the successes are paying 25 percent. what does that make? but the president has program and he has cuts and revenues. that kind of balanced program is necessary if you want to deal with the deficit. >> congressman, i am sorry we are running out of time. we appreciate your thoughts and look forward to seeing how things develop next week. >> thank you. >> news corpation parent company of fox news is apologizing for the phone hacking scandal that led to investigations in britain and
9:38 am
the u.s. and the resignation of two newspaper executives. sky news reporter james dougal has more on the developing story from london, jane? >>reporter: at the moment the murdoch empire is not terribly popular. murdoch issued an apology and publicized in many of the newspapers here in britain today and tomorrow as well. the phone hacking allegation was around members of parliment or celebrities. but it was discovered that a 13 year old murder victim mili had her phone hacked into in 2002 while she was missing. rupert murdoch came in britain and met with mili's parents and he apologized to them face to face. they were furious at what happened. they were calling for rebecca
9:39 am
brooks who was the editor of the world new newspaper. they called for her to resign and being, she didn't at the time . only lenn days later she resigned and the reason the parents were so angry while their child was missing, they were calling her mobile phone and begging her to get in contact and that filled up her voice mail and when everyone called it said that that this is filled. they learned to the messages and deleted them and then the family called in later on, they believe that mili herself lined to the messages and deleted them and they believed she was still alive and gave them false hope because she was not alive. murdoch apologized to the family and rebecca brooks resigned. this is not over yet.
9:40 am
rebecca brooks and james murdoch and rupert murdoch will testify before a select committee about the actions of the journalist working. it is the first time they will face such questions and members of the public will watch this and it will be broadcast on tuesday. >> thank you, jane. >> and close call when two planes collide on the runway in boston's airport. don't go anywhere else. we'll listenn in on the newly released air traffic control tape right after the break . ♪ [ slurp! ] [ female announcer ] hey, ladies, here's a little something [ chomp! ] you'll find irresistible, cinnamon toast crunch, with a delicious cinnamon and sugar taste that's amazing. crave those crazy squares. [ slurp! ] the motorola expert from sprint.
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take a look federal transportation officials are looking into what may have played a role in the jet's collision on runway in boston's logan airport. passengers say the crash was
9:44 am
terrifying and the control tapes the pilots remained calm. >> we are going to have to wait here a moment. i think we hit with the wing . >> did he hit you with the wing. >> chutely he did. >> they are viewing the flight data and talking to the crews of the plane. they hope to have a report on what caused the crash in the next couple of weeks. okay, so when you think of chop sticks you think of chinese take out . one company here in the u.s. is making millions of chop sticks and sevening them to china. they are live in atlanta with more on the unique business. elizabeth . >> that is right. not only are chop sticks made here in the u.s. but in south georgia called the america's. and the company georgia chop sticks is cutting and drying
9:45 am
and sending out more than two million a day to foreign counselries such as japan and china and korea. they are made of gum trees and perfect for making chop sticks. >> we never thought sweet gum trees were going to be of value. but they make wonderful chop sticks and shorten the process and perfect raw material and same with popular . we have a huge abundance of wood in the the area it was a natural fit. >> it was a federal fit and boosted the local economy. the town was suffering from a 13 percent unemployment rate and the demand is only sky rocketing. >> we have a 50 or 60 employees and our plant at the end of this year we'll have 150, employees and we have a machinist coming here and
9:46 am
probably grow up to 300 to 450, employees. and lee is running six days a week and he's only been open since may. >> that is quite an operation. thank you. >> the identity of a lead cia analyst who helped to locate bin laden is in jeopardy. u.s. officials have worked hard to protect him from al-qaida militants. he -- that is coming up next. stay with us. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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>> the man responsible for bringing down osama bin laden could be targeted by al-qaida and potential threts forced the cia to place him undercover after his identity was revealed by the news media. liz, this is a serious situation? >> it is a very tricky one uma with a lot of the curves involve a lot of winning. here's how it started on july 12th with a study done by associated press. they did not name the name of the man in question . the name of the man in question has not been outed yet .
9:51 am
let's call him cia john as everybody is calling him. that is his middle name supposedly and he more than a decade had been tracking the where abouts was osama bin laden . so what we have here is a real-life american hero who did the country a great service. associated press eventually got the name. but agreed when the cia if we are led to believe and said we will not use it. meanwhile. at a website called trip tome that specializes in publishing government secrets decided to find a picture and they identified him from a picture that was in the situation room. that was the famous picture in the situation room where everyone is around monitors and following the actual raid on the bin laden compound. from the picture matching up
9:52 am
from the white house feed. that's how they revealed the identity of this man. they have refrained from using his full name but suggesting that interestingly enough that this was a cia plot. in other words that the cia wanted the press to get on the trail and find a name because they need a hero and someone for the public relations. let's get a look at where this theory came from. it came from kroypton. i will read you a quote. there is little risk to cia john.
9:53 am
so, the cryptome is saying it is playing in the cia's hand and they want to make it look like it is secret . what they really want is someone to go on the lecture circuit. the new york observer came up with a more extensive piece and agreed not to use the full name of cia john. i discount the cynicism. i can't believe it is a cia's trap and i think this guy's life could be really in danger and walkoth edge of releasing his identity is a dangerous game. >> you are not buying this? as a pr front in >> no, if i were he, i would be afraid. >> a soldier losing his eye
9:54 am
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>> well, say is ain't so, we hear another power couple, singer actor jennifer lopez and singer marc anthony are ending their seven year marriage. ed couple had two children together. and here are some of the top stories that we're following right now. so far so good in los angeles. a ten mile stretch of the 405 freeway was shut down at midnight last night and it will remain closed for 53 hours and crews are working on a massive construction project that will eventually widen one of the nation's busiest freeways and the city has been
9:58 am
bracing for what they have been calling carmageddon. astronauts aboard space shuttle atlantis are spending saturday fixing up equipment and the pilot received a jammed storage locker open and retrued air purifiers for the space station and the u.s. women's soccer team is preparing to make history tomorrow. square off against japan at the world cup finals in germany, the first time the team has made it to the finals since 1999, in that game, they beat china in a penalty kick and brandy chasen made headlines for tearing off her shirt after the goal. those are the top stories right now. and a wounded soldier with a battle related multiple sclerosis situation is getting to see her children after losing his sight after a roadside bomb in iraq. a soldiers wish list, he will fly home to he see his children in iowa. >> it was shocking. the i didn't -- i didn't know
9:59 am
anybody cared, and i would go back in a heartbeat and lay my life down for the guy next to me. >> can you imagine what a moment that must have been when he got to see his children for the first time and the organization held several sunday raisers. >> look like justin timberlake will have to dust off his tuxedo, receiving a youtube message from a marine asking him to go to the ball with her. >> so, justin, you want to call out my girl mila, i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12th in washington d.c. and if you can't go, all i have to to say is is cry me a river. >> i'll tell you what, i accept, but not because she shouted out one of my songs, which i do love and not because she had all of those beef cake military guys behind


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